Why Davison Automotive

Why Davison Automotive Why Davison Automotive

Hi! I’m Jarret, the owner of Davison Automotive. When I founded my business, I was determined that it would be different from other car repair shops. After all, I have worked at a number of them, and I haven't always liked their practices. Many of the customers that I know don’t, either.

Here's how I am committed to honesty and transparency at Davison Automotive:

1. We can show you the parts we replace, we won't try to scam you by replacing good parts.

2. We tell you the brands we use. (Davison Automotive is a member of Auto Value Parts Suppliers, that offers quality aftermarket products at affordable prices.)

3. You only pay for work you authorize. (We don’t add in other services and repairs you don’t need).

When you come into the shop, I’d love to meet you! Bring any problem or any nagging issues (like funny sounds your car is making) and we’ll do the best job possible. I hired my mechanics with these values in mind,too.

What to expect

You’re welcome to drop off your car and leave your keys in our secure drop box, but we’re always available to talk through the repair with you, as well.

When you arrive at the repair shop, you’ll be greeted by Doug or George, who will be ready to help you out at the front desk. They will explain to you our three levels of diagnosis:

Level 1: A free, 5 minute check over

Level 2: $35 to hook up scanners/instruments, etc. to pinpoint issues, or

Level 3: $95 to diagnose the most difficult or intermittent issues

We'll inform you of our recommendations and give you an up-front estimate of the cost and the length of time for the repair.

You’re welcome to stay in our clean and tidy waiting area, outfitted with comfy chairs, where you can read a magazine, use our free WiFi, or help yourself to a complimentary coffee.

If, for some reason, the repair is taking longer than anticipated, we’ll keep you updated on the timing. We do our best to get the car fixed in a timely manner and, most importantly, get the job done right the first time around.

I look forward to meeting you!


Why Davison Automotive Why Davison Automotive Why Davison Automotive