How To Avoid The Unexpected

How To Avoid The Unexpected

No one ever plans on breaking down or getting into an accident. Sometimes, these things just happen. Although there’s no way to completely prevent anything bad from ever happening, there are ways that you lower the chances of such a breakdown.

First, is to do scheduled maintenance and yearly tune-ups. Making sure that your car is in good shape before you drive is far better than going and going until your car breaks down. Doing yearly check-ups ensures that you will be able to catch problems before they blossom into something much worse. The mechanic will be able to look for cracking and bulging hoses, so as to catch them before something goes wrong while you’re on the highway and already late for work.

Another thing that you can do on your own is to listen to your car. As the person who drives your car the most, you’ll be able to tell when your car sounds off. You might be able to detect any slight vibrations that a mechanic wouldn’t, and you’ll be able to get your car to the shop in time.

Before you get in your car, do a quick visual inspection. It doesn’t have to take long or be in depth, just a walk around the vehicle to check that none of your tires are flat and that you don’t have any unusual puddles underneath your car.

The second thing that you could do is to know the most common causes of breakdowns and how to prevent them. One of the most frequent breakdowns is a dead, low, or faulty battery. This can be caused by extreme heat, age, and water loss. Leaving a car door open, causing the overhead lights to remain on, will drain the battery. Another common accident that can occur is a tire blowout. This can be caused by tire tread being too low, over inflation, or a puncture. Just checking your tires a couple times a week can usually insure that nothing horrible will happen.

Another thing to watch out for is overheating. In hot weather, it tends to be rather common. When your engine is working hard to keep you cool and get you to where you need to go, it can often get too warm. Having low coolant is especially dangerous, along with having a broken fan belt or a clogged radiator.

The third you can do to prevent breakdowns or accidents is to drive properly. Your car will go longer and have a long lifespan if you treat it better. Don’t whip it around by the steering wheel, go the speed limit, don’t hit curbs. Stick to what you learned in driver’s training, and your car will be better for it. Don’t ignore warning lights! They may seem annoying, but they’re there for a reason.

All in all, just be aware that your vehicle isn’t perfect, it needs and maintenance and if it doesn’t get that, it might break down. The more aware you are of your vehicle, the better everything will go.