How Often Should I Replace My Cars Belts?

How Often Should I Replace My Cars Belts?

When it comes to belts, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, once a belt breaks, it usually produces a domino effect that results in a loss of drive power.

And, for some strange reason, it almost always happens at the worst possible time in the worst possible place.

Fortunately, belts are inexpensive and simple to replace. For that reason, it’s much better to replace your belts periodically and/or to ask your auto mechanic to check your belts on a regular basis to make sure they’re in good shape.

Many experts recommend changing v-belts every 38,000 to 46,000 miles. Serpentine belts, on the other hand, should be replaced every 50,000 miles or so.

Another fortunate thing about belts is that they usually give you plenty of warning if they’re about to fail. This warning comes in the form of any one of several different strange sounds.

If you notice any of the following noises, it’s best to either check your belts and replace them yourself or ask your mechanic to do that for you:

  • Squealing
  • Grinding
  • Rattling
  • Rumbling
  • Hissing

If you’re not sure how often to have your belts checked, a good rule of thumb is to ask your mechanic to check your belts each time you have your oil changed. This is one automotive repair that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and being proactive about having your belts checked could keep your car from breaking down at the worst possible time and place!

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